Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Intelligent Products, Services, and Systems (design)

Preparatory Reading and Video Material

Watch Video: Pioneering AI design for society

Watch Video: Conversations on Design & AI

Warming Up

  • Use your TU Delft credentials to log-in and access this Miro board. The board is password protected. You can find the password on Brightspace.
  • Think about one or more Product, Service, or System that, in your opinion, is powered by Artificial Intelligence technology.
  • Feel free to take inspirations from the world around you. Take pictures from your neighborhood, your home, the faculty‚Ķ
  • Create a copy the Template Frame in the Miro board. Past an image of the IPSS, describe it, and explain the role(s) that AI has in the working of that product, service, or system.

Lecture Slides

Lecture Notes

Additional Reading Material